I am a UK based designer residing with my partner, writer and photographer Stephanie Lynn, within the model village of Port Sunlight. It is here that I spend my days designing and developing websites for individuals and small businesses.

With both my late father and grandfather being lithographic printers, I have always had an interest in publications and design from an early age. Grid systems - the most legible and harmonious means for structuring information - and a use of white space are consequently an integral part of what I create.

Major influences to my style of work include Josef Müller-Brockmann, Emil Ruder, Carlo Vivarelli, Lella Valle & Massimo Vignelli, Otl Aicher, Kenya Hara, Erik Spiekermann and Mark Borthwick. Personal inspiration is drawn from the printed page, architecture and the outdoors, world cinema and photography – a discipline in which I am not a professional but simply use to capture memories that may otherwise become lost.

This site looks towards the elements that shape my work as a designer, as well as acting as a notebook of thoughts, ideas and documented moments.



Selected Clients
I consider myself extremely privileged to have collaborated with a varied range of clients from all over the world on their projects. I specialise in working on the Shopify and Squarespace platforms but other content management systems can also be designed and developed for.

Client relationships past, present and ongoing include, but are not limited to: Blitz Motorcycles; Esme Winter; Hole & Corner Magazine; IDMCo; Inventory; Present & Correct; Simple Shape; Sparrow & Co; Tom Pigeon; and With Love Project.